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Impact of the 2014-17 global bleaching event 619.27 KB 23/01/2020
Rapid loss of flight in the Aldabra white-throated rail 1.76 MB 17/01/2020
Sisal on Aldabra: Success after 40 years of eradication attempts 1.9 MB 10/10/2019
In the land of giants: the Aldabra giant tortoise on Aldabra Atoll 1.52 MB 27/08/2019
The use of Aldabra and its protected waters by marine mammals 621.45 KB 19/08/2019
Recent scientific papers 625.83 KB 31/07/2019
Globally important islands for eradications 805.95 KB 31/07/2019
Five eradications, three species, three islands 595.86 KB 31/07/2019
Patterns of activity and body temperature of Aldabra giant tortoises 1.02 MB 30/07/2019
Beak and feather disease in native and introduced parrots 1.21 MB 30/07/2019
Mapping the lagoon at Aldabra Atoll 1.73 MB 30/07/2019
Trophic interactions between giant tortoises and crocodiles 2.23 MB 30/07/2019
Cryptic biodiversity and phylogeography of Seychellois isopods 1.51 MB 30/07/2019
Long-term monitoring of landbirds on Aldabra 541.28 KB 30/07/2019
Persistence of distinctive morphotypes in Aldabra tortoises 1002 KB 30/07/2019
Trial of herbicide control methods for sisal 867.91 KB 30/07/2019
Red-whiskered bulbul eradicated from Aldabra 739.86 KB 30/07/2019
Improving sustainable operation of a World Heritage site 1.52 MB 30/07/2019
Frigatebirds on Aldabra Atoll... 1.17 MB 30/07/2019
Assessing effectiveness of Aldabra rail reintroduction 451.43 KB 30/07/2019
Recent scientific papers 625.83 KB 03/10/2017

Latest Annual reports

Latest Newsletters


  • 28/10/2020
    Check out our sustainability policy for further resources and information about our sustainable practices at SIF.
  • 30/09/2020
    This manual has been designed to guide the Seychelles Islands Foundation employees on the best health and safety practices in the work place in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. The SIF management would like to stress on the importance of abiding to these health and safety measures and guidelines.

Latest Tourism - Aldabra

  • 27/07/2020
    Any visiting vessel to Aldabra must receive authorisation from SIF before their visit otherwise they will not be permitted to anchor in Aldabra waters or go ashore. Vessel operators/owners may complete a clearance form here and submit to SIF for consideration and attach their port clearance documentation.
  • 17/07/2020
    Aldabra is a remote and fragile atoll, designated as a Special Reserve under Seychelles law, SIF operates a limited and strictly controlled tourism policy which supports our objective of protecting the atoll and its biodiversity.
  • 17/07/2020
    Please download the scuba and snorkelling regulations. Divers and snorkelers are expected to strictly adhere to reserve regulations and follow the rules illustrated in the info graphic.
  • 17/07/2020
    Please download the Aldabra drone regulations which guests wishing to pilot a drone must follow after obtaining permission to fly from the Island Manager or Tourism Coordinator.